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Trader's Calculator

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What is a trader's calculator?

The calculator of a forex trader is an efficient tool for successful trading. The calculator of profit on Forex provides forecasts on potential profits on a certain asset or allows trader to see risks for a particular trade. The calculator gives information on a pip value, current exchange rate and a margin size.

How to calculate margin on Forex?

To calculate margin on Forex, you need to select a trading instrument, leverage, the lot size and the account currency. The calculator will automatically make calculations and display the information. The forex calculator will be handy for those who used to trading several currency pairs at the same time.


The point price for currency pairs is calculated based on the current exchange rate of the currency pair. Note 1 lot of InstaForex is 10000 USD. Below there are formula for calculating the value of currency pairs and CFD:

Calculation of value for 1 pips:

     v.p. =1 * (the deal volume)
     v.p. = 1/(USD/XXX) * (deal volume)
     v. p. =(AAA/USD)/ (AAA/BBB) * deal volume

Calculation of value on CFD:

v. p. = volume * leverage * minimal price change

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