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Forex Analysis:::2019-07-15
Trading recommendations for the GBPUSD currency pair - placement of trading orders (July 15)
By the end of the last trading week, the pound / dollar currency pair showed a low volatility of 59 points. As a result of which, it returned to the...
Analysis News:::2019-07-09
The dollar is waiting for signals from the head of the Fed
The upcoming speech of Jerome Powell in the Congress is undoubtedly one of the key events of the current week, from which, the demand for the American currency will probably...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-12
#USDX vs GBP / USD H4 vs EUR / USD H4. Comprehensive analysis of movement options from July 12, 2019. Analysis of APLs & ZUP
Let's take a comprehensive look at how #USDX vs EUR / USD h4 vs GBP / USD h4 will behave from July 12, 2019, and correlate this to what was...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-15
Forecast for EUR/USD on July 15, 2019
On July 15, the euro stays in a neutral position, as deteriorating sentiment grows...
Analysis News:::2019-07-09
EUR/USD: Fed will run the show this week
The main idea in the market is still the question of the further monetary course of the two leading central banks - the Fed and the ECB...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-10
Gold is dancing to the music of central banks
Soft monetary policy and active purchases of precious metals by leading regulators of the world contribute to the growth of XAU/USD...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-15
Weekly review of EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs from 07.15.2019: Fictional hysteria
The dollar became cheaper and everyone blames representatives of the Federal Reserve System, who allegedly made loud statements that they did not actually make. Bt for that very reason, nobody...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-15
Forecast for GBP/USD on July 15, 2019
The pound sterling shows the first signs of the end of an upward correction on July...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-09
#USDX vs EUR / USD h4 vs GBP / USD h4. A comprehensive analysis of movement options from July 9, 2019. Analysis of APLs & ZUP
#USDX vs EUR / USD h4 vs GBP / USD H4 are in uncertainty, i.e. are within their equilibrium zones, respectively, the further development of the movement will be determined...
Forex Humor:::2019-07-10
EU expanding free trade zone
At present, the EU authorities are striving to expand a free trade zone beyond European countries. Brussels considers Asian countries to be promising trade partners. On June 2019 the...
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