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Forex Analysis:::2019-10-15
The EU summit will put an end to the issue on Brexit. The pound is positive and the euro may continue to grow.
Despite the fact that markets enthusiastically received news about the agreement reached between the US and China on the trade dispute, most experts are inclined to conclude that no changes...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-15
Gold remains below key resistance vulnerable to a move towards $1,460.
Gold price could not hold above $1,500 and combined with the inability to break the $1,525-35 resistance has lead to another pull back below $1,500. in previous posts we noted...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-15
Forecast for EUR/USD on October 15, 2019
The euro has a downside risk on October...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-11
4000p for gold
I suggest you look at the long positions – carefully, without fanaticism, try to gain a position in the American session, and if it closes at +, continue to gain...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-10
Forecast for the price of gold - GOLD for October and November
The summer of 2019 was very favorable for gold. Within three months, the price rose from the level of 1300 to 1550 dollars per troy ounce, and it seemed that...
World’s most trusted currencies
The information about the strength and reliability of main world currencies is essential for financial sector. With such information, there is no need to be afraid of excessive financial market...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-13
Weekly analysis of Gold
Gold price started the week higher than the previous week close but ended with a lower close. Bulls have failed to hold above the $1,500 pivot level and price remains...
Forex Humor:::2019-10-09
Riyadh warns of soaring oil prices
Saudi Arabia aims to assert its leadership among oil exporters at any cost The Kingdom’s authorities are determined to squeeze its rival Iran out of the global crude market Saudi...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-09
#USDX vs USD / JPY vs EUR / JPY vs GBP / JPY - H4. Comprehensive analysis of movement options from October 09, 2019 APLs & ZUP analysis
We would like to bring to your attention a comprehensive analysis of the development options for the movement of the cross-instruments EUR / JPY and GBP / JPY, as well...
Forex Analysis:::2019-10-11
The dollar parted with trump cards
Progress in US-China trade negotiations will contribute to investors losing interest in US assets...
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