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Forex Analysis:::2019-08-21
Calm before the storm: the markets are waiting for the speech of J. Powell, expectations for CAD and JPY are exactly the opposite
On Tuesday, API reported a more significant than expected reduction in oil reserves, which allowed Brent to rise above $60 per barrel. As concerns about the approaching recession increase, raw...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-21
Overview of EUR/USD on August 21st. Forecast according to the "Regression Channels". The focus of the market: minutes of the Fed meeting
Fed protocol may support US currency a little, but the strong reaction of traders should not be expected...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-21
Overview of GBP/USD on August 21st. Forecast according to the "Regression Channels". Amicably disperse will not work: Tusk rejected Johnson's proposal
The President of the European Council Donald Tusk found it unacceptable to remove from the Brexit agreement the "backstop" item on the Northern Irish border...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-21
Technical analysis of GBP/USD for 21/08/2019
Another bullish attempt to rally has failed...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-21
Forecast for GBP/USD on August 21, 2019
On August 21, the British pound is moving to 1.2230, from where it can turn down...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-21
Technical analysis of GBP/USD for August 21, 2019
The GBP/USD pair continues to move downwards from the zone of 1.2287. The GBP/USD pair movement was debatable as it took place in a downside channel for a while...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-19
Gold tests $1,500 support, threat of deeper correction
In the short term, gold will be buffeted by shifting risk conditions, but there is likely to be a net easing of fears as most central banks continue to ease...
Forex Humor:::2019-08-15
World's wealthiest people lose over $1 bln due to Trump's tweet
There is no doubt that US President Donald Trump is the world's most famous social network user. The activity in Twitter that he has been keeping since his election...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-17
Weekly Gold analysis
Gold's weekly close has not given any bearish reversal sign. Price closed at a new weekly higher high confirming the bullish trend we are in. There is no bearish divergence...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-19
Analysis for EUR/USD and GBP/USD on August 19th. The euro miraculously holds its position after the report on inflation in the EU
The euro is at critical levels for itself. The pound is slowly recovering and waiting for the resumption of the work of the British Parliament...
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