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Forex Analysis:::2020-08-07
EUR/USD. "Green" Nonfarms and bad news from Capitol Hill
Data published today on the growth of the US labor market provided support to the dollar. But the growth of the greenback was limited: for a more confident growth, dollar...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-05
Bitcoin moves "to the Moon". Collapse to come soon.
The first cryptocurrency skyrocketed. Let's find out how long the rally may continue...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-03
Comprehensive analysis of movement options for commodity currencies AUD/USD & USD/CAD & NZD/USD (Daily) in August 2020
Last month of summer - a correction option? Options for the development of the movement of AUD/USD & USD/CAD & NZD/USD (Daily) on August 4, 2020...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-07
Comprehensive analysis of movement options for #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (Daily) on August 10, 2020
Are the peaks conquered? Correction? Options for the development of the movement #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (Daily) on August 10, 2020...
Analysis News:::2020-08-04
EUR/USD: Dollar rallies
Dollar rallies after a sharp decline amid various problems in the United States...
Analysis News:::2020-08-06
GBP / USD: Bank of England to still introduce negative rates despite Brexit deal
Over the past few weeks, the pound sterling was appreciated significantly. Although this was largely due to the weakening of the greenback's position, the increased hopes for a positive outcome...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-07
Underestimated US economy startles EUR
Despite the resurgence in the coronavirus rates, experts have spotted the green shoots of recovery...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-04
Oil doesn't go with the crowd
Brent sellers have plenty of reasons to attack, however, black gold stubbornly does not want to go south...
Analysis News:::2020-08-07
Dollar rises ahead of Non-farm Payrolls report
Things have not been going well for the dollar...
Analysis News:::2020-08-04
GBP / USD: pound still strives for growth risking collapse at any time
The pound benefits from the weakening of the dollar, but the sterling has enough...
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