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Forex Analysis:::2019-08-02
Dollar: faster, higher, stronger!
The "bears" in EUR/USD managed to storm the lower limit of the medium-term consolidation range of 1.11-1.14...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-13
Gold sets ambitious goals
Precious metal may rewrite historic maximum over the next two years...
Analysis News:::2019-08-02
EUR/USD: slowly but surely approaching 1.1100
Highlights: Trump announced additional tariffs for Chinese imports, the Non-Farm Payrolls index is expected to rise in the US, the euro is positive and currently the EUR/USD pair is preparing...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-31
EURUSD rate - complex thoughts before the Fed meeting
Judging by what is happening with EURUSD, it can be assumed that most traders are now at a loss. Following Murphy's law, which is better known as the law...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-22
Funny elections in the UK, boring meeting of the ECB and much more (weekly review of EUR/USD and GBP/USD from 07.22.2019)
The week promises to be fun, and the beginning of the holiday will be the outcome of the election of the new head of the Conservative Party in the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-07
#USDX vs GBP / USD h4 vs EUR / USD h4. Comprehensive analysis of movement options from August 07, 2019 APLs & ZUP analysis
We will consider the development options for the movement of currency instruments #USDX vs EUR / USD vs GBP / USD on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 in a comprehensive way...
Analysis News:::2019-08-09
"The Great Combinators": What are Washington and Beijing ready to do to win the trade war?
Experts continue to wonder how far the US and China can go in order to wrap trade confrontation in their favor...
Analysis News:::2019-07-26
Euro has had a short euphoria after the ECB meeting: will the Fed launch a "bearish" game against the dollar?
The ECB has taken another step and now, we will wait for words from the Fed...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-01
EUR/USD: plan for the European session on August 1. The pressure on the euro will continue, as traders will win back the September rate cut in the eurozone
EUR/USD: plan for the European session on August 1. The pressure on the euro will continue, as traders will win back the September rate cut in the eurozone...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-24
Gold has broken the connection with the past
Quotes of the XAU / USD and USD index is moving in the same direction...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-09
The dollar broke up with trump cards
Without fiscal stimulus support, the US economy becomes vulnerable to trade wars...
Analysis News:::2019-07-25
Euro may rebound following the ECB meeting
The main intrigue is whether the ECB will start mitigating the monetary rate first or will it choose the role of a slave in a correspondence duel with the Fed...
Forex Humor:::2019-07-22
Major companies abandon IPO
The tense situation in the global financial market forced a lot of the world's leading companies to abandon the initial public offering (IPO). Experts tried to look into the reasons...
Top 10 cities with significant air pollution
Ecologists say that in the majority of cities around the globe people suffer from polluted air. Multi-million cities are exposed to polluting emissions most of all. Experts estimate that the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-31
Gold: buy cheaper, sell more!
The fall of the precious metal in case the Fed is unwilling to give the markets what they want should be used for purchases...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-22
Wave analysis of EUR / USD and GBP / USD for July 22. An endless epic called "Brexit"
The Brexit procedure risks delaying for months and even years. Britain continues to discourage the world with its political mess...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-13
AUD / USD vs USD / CAD vs NZD / USD vs #USDX. Comprehensive analysis of movement options from August 13, 2019 APLs & ZUP analysis
Based on the results of the first half of August, we will consider the development options for the movement of currency instruments AUD / USD vs USD / CAD...
UK party leaders’ mark on history
The UK party system has seen few meaningful changes over the period of its history. The liberals, the conservatives and the labourists - all were in power at different times...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-06
Fractal analysis of the main currency pairs as of August 6
For the Euro/Dollar pair, the price is in the correction zone from the upward cycle of August 1. For the Pound/Dollar pair, we mainly expect the development of corrective upward...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-31
EUR/USD approaching resistance, potential drop!
EURUSD is approaching our first resistance where we are expecting a drop below this level...
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