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Forex Analysis:::2019-07-15
Trading recommendations for the GBPUSD currency pair - placement of trading orders (July 15)
By the end of the last trading week, the pound / dollar currency pair showed a low volatility of 59 points. As a result of which, it returned to the...
Five unusual places that are forbidden to tourists
There are so many unique places in the world where time seems to have stopped. They are full of mysteries and travelers' presence is extremely undesirable there. See 5 forbidden...
Analysis News:::2019-07-09
The dollar is waiting for signals from the head of the Fed
The upcoming speech of Jerome Powell in the Congress is undoubtedly one of the key events of the current week, from which, the demand for the American currency will probably...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-28
Euro disobeyed ECB
EUR/USD quotes soared to a 3-month high and are waiting for tips from the G20 summit and the US labor market...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-05
Do not throw a dollar, it is still useful!
Recovery of the EUR/USD upward trend will have to be postponed until better times...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-17
Trading recommendations for the EURUSD currency pair - placement of trading orders (June 17)
By the end of the last trading week, the euro / dollar currency pair showed a high volatility of 85 points. As a result, a real attempt was made...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-12
#USDX vs GBP / USD H4 vs EUR / USD H4. Comprehensive analysis of movement options from July 12, 2019. Analysis of APLs & ZUP
Let's take a comprehensive look at how #USDX vs EUR / USD h4 vs GBP / USD h4 will behave from July 12, 2019, and correlate this to what was...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-20
Trading recommendations for the EURUSD currency pair - placement of trading orders (June 20)
For the last trading day, the euro / dollar currency pair showed high volatility of 67 points, as a result of having a pulse jump in the market...
Top 10 amazing world’s beaches
In the midst of summer, tourists wonder where to go to spend a holiday at the seaside. Travelers prefer places with clean beaches and pure water. Besides, they seek...
Analysis News:::2019-07-09
EUR/USD: Fed will run the show this week
The main idea in the market is still the question of the further monetary course of the two leading central banks - the Fed and the ECB...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-10
Gold is dancing to the music of central banks
Soft monetary policy and active purchases of precious metals by leading regulators of the world contribute to the growth of XAU/USD...
Top ten most competitive countries in the world
According to the International Development Management Institute (IMD), there are about ten competitive countries in the world. The governments of these states provide a suitable competitive environment and ensure favorable...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-01
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs on July 1
Dear colleagues. For the euro / dollar pair, the price is in the correction zone. We expect the continuation of the upward trend after the price passes the noise range...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-15
Weekly review of EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs from 07.15.2019: Fictional hysteria
The dollar became cheaper and everyone blames representatives of the Federal Reserve System, who allegedly made loud statements that they did not actually make. Bt for that very reason, nobody...
Ten breathtaking bridges
There are several unique bridges on the globe that make people feel dizzy while walking on them. Not anyone can dare to step on such a bridge. They are located...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-02
EUR / USD vs USD / JPY vs EUR / JPY. Comprehensive analysis of movement options for July 2019. Analysis of APLs & ZUP
Let me bring to your attention a comprehensive analysis of the movement options for the development of the EUR / USD vs USD / JPY vs EUR / JPY movement...
Analysis News:::2019-06-28
The euro is waiting for the steepest drop in 17 months and the dollar is firmly on its feet
Although inflation expectations in recent weeks have declined in both the US and Europe, US indicators stabilized after the Fed last week "opened the door" to lower rates. Interest rates...
Buy your home in Europe with only 1 euro
To sell homes and land for 1 еuro has become popular in Europe in recent years. Certain risks of such attractive offers are revealed in our article...
Forex Humor:::2019-06-28
Russia's сentral bank experiments with banknotes
Russian 100 hundred banknotes will look even better. Considerng a new varnishing, the Central Bank came to a conclusion that it suits both new and old banknotes better.This...
Forex Humor:::2019-06-18
Hard Brexit may happen
Boris Johnson, an odious British politician and one of the frontrunners to be the UK next prime minister, skilfully exploits the situation of lingering Brexit. Not only all participants...
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