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Forex Analysis:::2019-03-08
EUR / USD. March 8. Results of the day. NonFarm Payrolls failed. The pair began a correction
The EUR / USD currency pair on Friday, March 8, began to adjust from the European session itself after yesterday's collapse after the announcement of the ECB meeting results...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-07
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs on March 7
For the currency pair Euro / Dollar, the downward movement is possible after the breakdown of 1.1290 and the level of 1.1325 is the key support. For the currency pair...
Forex Analysis:::2019-02-26
Trading recommendations for the GBPUSD currency pair - placing trade orders (February 25)
By the end of the last trading week, the currency pair Pound / Dollar showed a high volatility of 111 points, drawing a wide amplitude. But as a result...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-08
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs for March 8
Dear colleagues. For the currency pair Euro / Dollar, the subsequent targets for the downward movement were considered from the larger structure of the initial conditions on February 28 (see...
Forex Analysis:::2019-02-28
EUR / USD plan for the US session on February 28. Negative data is not an obstacle to the growth of the euro
In the morning, a number of weak fundamental data on inflation from various eurozone countries did not interfere with the resumption of the upward movement in the euro. Fixing above...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-21
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs on March 21
For the currency pair Euro / Dollar, the price is near the limit values, and therefore, we expect a departure in the correction. For the currency pair Pound / Dollar...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-11
Wave analysis of EUR / USD for March 11. Wave 5 could complete its construction
On Friday, March 8, bidding ended for the pair EUR / USD by 40 bp increase. An ideal test of 127.2% on the Fibonacci grid was built on the size...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-22
The dollar follows in the footsteps of the euro
The American dollar reiterated the fate of the single European currency. First, it seriously sinks after the meeting of the Central Bank and then quickly regaining lost positions. During their...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-06
ECB March meeting: preview
The euro/dollar reaction to the March meeting of the ECB depends on how much the results deviate from the forecasts. Mario Draghi will try to keep the balance in the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-13
Trading plan for EUR/USD for March 13, 2019
We have presented the 4H chart view for EUR/USD with an alternate probability. Please note that a major/critical point of the trend change would be the breakout of the price...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
Why the dollar jumped
After the Fed meeting, traders stopped waiting for a rate hike this year, and the yield on 10-year US government bonds fell to 2.51%. Futures on US indices and European...
Analysis News:::2019-03-05
The pound predicted at golden mountains
The world's biggest analysts see the prerequisites for a large rally of the British currency. According to their calculations, this year sterling will overtake all competitors as concerns about Brexit...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-06
Forecast for GBP/USD on March 6, 2019
March 6 - the decisive day for the British pound...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-04
EURUSD: Fundamental indicators of the American economy are declining, but there is no reason for excitement
EURUSD: Fundamental indicators of the American economy are declining, but there is no reason for excitement...
Forex Analysis:::2019-02-26
Technical analysis of EUR/USD for February 26, 2019
The EUR/USD pair below around the weekly pivot point (1.1393). It continued to move downwards from the level of 1.1393 to the bottom around 1.1335...
Forex Analysis:::2019-02-26
EUR / USD: plan for the European session on February 26. The bulls are preparing a breakthrough resistance of 1.1365
EUR / USD: plan for the European session on February 26. The bulls are preparing a breakthrough resistance of 1.1365...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-08
EUR/USD technical analysis for 08/03/2019
All support levels are broken, more downside in view...
Forex Analysis:::2019-02-26
GBP/USD technical analysis for 26/02/2019
New local high was made on the way...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-18
Analysis of Gold for March 18, 2019
There are broken upward channel in the background and potential double top at the price of $1.306.00. Watch for selling opportunities. The first downward target is set at the price...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-20
Gold is waiting for the verdict of the Fed
Will the results of the March FOMC meeting be able to clarify the fate of the precious metal...
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