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Forex Analysis:::2020-08-07
Trading recommendations for the GBP/USD pair on August 7
The market is preparing for a new leap. Details and trading ideas are inside the article...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-05
Bitcoin moves "to the Moon". Collapse to come soon.
The first cryptocurrency skyrocketed. Let's find out how long the rally may continue...
8 fantastic landscapes on Earth
Nature has created a lot of amazing places with unique features. Scientists are still not able to sort out their mystery. It goes without saying that they are a magnet...
Analysis News:::2020-07-28
GBP / USD: pound bets on favorable end to Brexit saga
The pound sterling against the US dollar reached multi-month highs, rising above $ 1.29...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-10
Dollar: don't go against Trump!
Donald Trump, preparing for the presidential election, is doubly dangerous for the "bears" on EUR/USD...
Analysis News:::2020-07-28
EUR / USD: dollar attempt to bypass two-year lows blocked
The greenback tries to bypass two-year lows, but investors remain skeptical about the situation...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-24
Silver in focus: prospects and trading ideas
Gold, silver, and copper used to serve as money back in ancient times. In fact, any money is a unit recognized in a society as a medium of exchange...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-27
Pound sterling skyrockets
Strong macroeconomic data, large-scale sell-off of the US dollar and positive news about Brexit pushed the pound/dollar pair higher...
Analysis News:::2020-07-15
"Black Swan" fund brought 4,000% profit
During the COVID-19 pandemic, global markets were in a semi-fainting state. They have sunk together, although they have now recovered quite successfully. However, some players were able to benefit from...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-31
Euro bets on foundation
Will the EUR/USD quotes be able to reach the psychologically important level of 1.2 already in 2020...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-22
Only the dollar did not submit to gold
For the main world currencies, the precious metal has rewritten historical highs, with the US dollar next in line...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-07
Comprehensive analysis of movement options for #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (Daily) on August 10, 2020
Are the peaks conquered? Correction? Options for the development of the movement #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (Daily) on August 10, 2020...
Analysis News:::2020-07-21
$2,000 Gold and $25 Silver: Sun and Moon of the financial world dominate the sky
The priority of gold as a protective asset has long been obvious to the market. The COVID-19 has boosted interest in the main precious metal, giving its price an additional...
Analysis News:::2020-07-21
Dollar's bearish phase opens opportunity for euro and pound
Since mid-2011, the USD index has been showing an upward trend, but now it is on the verge of breaking this trend...
Forex Analysis:::2020-08-03
Comprehensive analysis of movement options for commodity currencies AUD/USD & USD/CAD & NZD/USD (Daily) in August 2020
Last month of summer - a correction option? Options for the development of the movement of AUD/USD & USD/CAD & NZD/USD (Daily) on August 4, 2020...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-17
The euro will face a gap
The EU's verdict on the Franco-German fiscal stimulus project will affect the opening of the week in the EUR/USD pair...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-18
Oil reaches its ceiling? Time to go short?
The market has recovered after a shock slump in oil prices in early March. Afterwards, OPEC and its allies agreed on some oil output cuts that somehow revived oil prices...
Analysis News:::2020-08-04
EUR/USD: Dollar rallies
Dollar rallies after a sharp decline amid various problems in the United States...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-25
Comprehensive analysis of movement options for #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (Daily) on July 27, 2020
Options for the development of the #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY movement - Daily from July 27, 2020...
Forex Analysis:::2020-07-10
Comprehensive analysis of movement options for #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (H4) on July 13, 2020
Who will be happy with the number 13 - for the "bulls" or for the "bears"? Development options for the movement of #USDX vs EUR/USD & GBP/USD & USD/JPY (H4)...
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