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Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Weekly EURUSD technical analysis
EURUSD is ending the week below 1.1170. Despite reaching 1.1260 resistance area price could not break out and above the long-term bearish channel. The rejection was a bearish sign and...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Weekly Gold analysis
Gold price started this week on a strong foot breaking above $1,290 and reaching $1,302. However this strength was short-lived and it now looks more like a fake break out...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
May 17, 2019 : EUR/USD Intraday technical analysis and trade recommendations.
Recently, the EURUSD pair has been maintained above the depicted key-zone (1.1175) since May However, a bearish breakout below 1.1175 was achieved Today. This enhances further bearish decline towards...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
EUR/USD: Chinese trick, Italian populism, and British failure
The currency market is dominated by anti-risk sentiment. The news background is getting darker every day, putting pressure on the Euro and other high-yield currencies. The fundamental background of the...
Analysis News:::2019-05-17
Who seeks to take the place of May?
Theresa May will sooner or later leave her Prime Minister's chair, and this is already perceived as a fact. The interest now is something else: when will this happen and...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
EUR/USD. May 17. Results of the day. Inflation in the eurozone is not interested in foreign exchange market participants
The week ends with a moderate decline of the euro against the US dollar. Next week, the fall is likely to continue...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
The dollar has a risk appetite
The US currency follows US stock indices. "Bears" on USD/JPY felt more confident than "bulls" on EUR/USD...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Bitcoin analysis for May 17, 2019
Bearish flag in creation. Watch for potential selling opportunities. The first downward target is set at the price of $6.836...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
May 17, 2019 : GBP/USD Intraday technical analysis and trade recommendations.
For those who had a valid SELL entry around the price levels of (1.3035-1.3070). It's already running in profits. S/L should be lowered to 1.2780 to secure more profits Conservative...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Analysis of Gold for May 17, 2019
Broken upward trendline in the background. Watch for selling opportunities. The downward target is set at the price of $1.266...
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