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EURUSD | Euro (EUR) to US Dollar (USD) Rate in the Forex market

Euro vs US Dollar
rise fall
Open :1.1140
24 hours:+0.0060(+0.54%)
7 days:+0.0052(+0.47%)
Day's range:1.1052-1.1153
30 days:+0.0002(+0.02%)
52 weeks:1.1027-1.1815
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Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
August 23, 2019 : EUR/USD bulls are confirming the triple-bottom reversal pattern.
the EUR/USD was trapped between 1.1235-1.1175 for a few trading sessions until bearish breakout below 1.1175 occurred on August Bearish breakout below 1.1175 promoted further bearish decline towards 1.1075...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
Euro has been cornered
Even a large-scale fiscal stimulus in Germany may not help the EUR / USD "bulls"...
Analysis News:::2019-08-23
The market again looks into the words of the Fed, being in complete uncertainty
In anticipation of Jerome Powell's performance in Jackson Hole, the market is in a state of uncertainty and hopes to get guidance from the Fed head...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
GBP/USD: plan for the US session on August 23. Yesterday's optimism of the pound buyers quickly evaporated
About half of yesterday's pound growth has already remained. The optimism of reaching an agreement on the Northern Ireland border somehow quickly goes away, and there is no support from...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
EUR/USD: plan for the US session on August 23. The dollar strengthened before the speech of the Fed Chairman
It is expected that the fourth test of the support level of 1.1066 led to a breakdown of the range and a further decline in the EUR/USD pair...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
Daily review of EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs from 08.23.2019: Fun somersaults
The unexpected change of position of Boris Johnson impressed investors so much that many of them confused the purchase with the sale but gradually everyone will come to their senses...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
Powell, like a wizard, can do almost anything (We sell or buy EUR/USD and AUD/USD pairs, based on the content of Powell's speech)
Investors look forward to the second day of the traditional economic symposium organized by the Federal Reserve. Today, the main event, a speech by Fed Chairman J. Powell, for the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-23
USD asserts strenght ahead of Powell test, volatility sets to surge
The US dollar is gaining ground in the run-up to Powell's speech and is due to spike on the comments with EUR/USD poised to dip to fresh 2-year lows below...
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