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#FTSE | FTSE 100 Stock Price

FTSE 100
rise fall
Open :5895.8
24 hours:+116.2(+1.93%)
7 days:-186.7(-3.15%)
Day's range:5854-6039.3
30 days:-360.1(-6.08%)
52 weeks:4837.33-62621.6
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Analysis News:::2020-07-31
America, Asia, and Europe stock markets remain in an irresolute movement
Growth could not slide through the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges on Friday as decline took place in almost all directions. The reason for the negative dynamics was the very unconvincing statistics...
Analysis News:::2020-07-30
Irresolute responses in US, EU, and Asian Stock markets
Asia-Pacific stock markets barely moved on Thursday. The main indicators showed almost no dynamics. Market participants continue to focus on the results of the meeting of the Federal Reserve System...
Analysis News:::2020-07-28
Stock markets still at loss: no general trends in Europe, Asia or America
The negative correction of major stock indicators in the Asia-Pacific region ended on Tuesday. Growth began, which, however, is still very restrained...
Analysis News:::2020-07-27
Stock markets experiencing difficulties: falling indices noted almost everywhere
There is a multi-directional movement on the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region today, the cause of which, first of all, is the growing tension between the United States...
Analysis News:::2020-07-24
Asia, America, and Europe stocks record declines
Asia-Pacific stock markets on Friday moved to a reduction in key indicators due to the unceasing conflict between the US and China...
Analysis News:::2020-07-23
Asia-Pacific stocks decline. EU and US continue to move forward
Tensions between Washington and Beijing are growing rapidly, forcing the Asia-Pacific stock markets to react more cautiously than before. In this regard, today there are practically no obvious dynamics...
Analysis News:::2020-07-22
Global stock markets plunged into chaos
Today, there is no general dynamic on the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Indices showed mixed reaction to the news and were moving in opposite directions. Some indices rapidly...
Analysis News:::2020-07-20
Global stocks faced too much pressure and bad news
The Asia-Pacific stock markets are showing negative dynamics in almost all directions on Monday. The reason for this can be called the protracted summit of the member countries...
Analysis News:::2020-07-17
Asia, US, and EU stocks traded in different directions
There were no common dynamics on the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges that are the same for all. On Friday, market participants reacted differently to incoming news about the reduction...
Analysis News:::2020-07-15
Asia, US, and EU stocks rise
The Asia-Pacific stock exchanges rose at the beginning of trading on Wednesday. This was, however, interrupted by some negativity with China's stock market which declined after market participants feared...
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