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Five unusual jobs of the future
Many experts believe that a number of jobs will vanish by 2030. They are confident that 47% of current professions will disappear. People will be replaced by robots. Analysts offer...
Three revolutionary technologies that can drastically change world
New technologies, turning from fantasy into reality, can significantly change our life. Experts consider genome editing, new computational architecture, and materials science as such turning points. These technologies are just...
Eight Ethereum price forecasts for 2019
Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, attracts traders and investors. They try to figure out how promising this asset is and whether it is worth investing...
Top 10 young self-made billionaires
Most of today's young billionaires have to achieve success on their own. They don't wait for an inheritance. It disciplines and brings subsequently a considerable income. We offer you...
Top 10 most destructive computer viruses in history
With the development of information technology, many computer viruses that can significantly reduce computer performance and even destroy all data on the hard disk appeared. In our article, you will...
Ten cities to seek investors
According to representatives of the popular Forbes magazine, for the development of international business, especially related to start-ups, it is best to look for investors in large metropolitan areas. The...
Five most expensive gold coins in the world
Specialists dealing with precious metals offer to pay attention to five gold coins which are recognized as the most expensive. They beat world records in term of price, but experts...
Icy wonderland: Niagara Falls partially frozen
In the middle of the past week, when anomalous frosts hit the world, a rare phenomenon was observed in the USA, partial freezing of Niagara Falls. This unique water cascade...
Seven important global risks in 2019
According to experts, now the geopolitical environment is the most dangerous it's been in decades. Analysts from the Eurasia Group consulting agency decided to analyze what to fear in 2019...
Three best US dividend kings for long-term total returns
Choosing a reliable company with a high dividends growth potential of dividends, revenues and profits, experts advise to pay attention to the so-called dividend kings. These corporations include Apple...
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