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Forex Humor:::2019-05-17
Morgan Stanley: aftermath of US-China trade conflict
According to Morgan Stanley's chief US strategist and chief investment officer Mike Wilson, the standoff between the United States and China may trap the whole world in an economic conflict...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-16
Political turmoil disastrous for Turkish lira
Bloomberg reported that the Turkish lira plummeted to 5.9973 versus the US dollar, the lowest level in seven months. Experts think that political turmoil in Turkey is to blame for...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-16
Warren Buffett: US-China trade conflict can be bad for global business
The Reuters agency cited investor and billionaire Warren Buffett who said that the trade conflict between the United States and China could be “bad for the whole world.”Donald Trump’s comments...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-16
RBA keeps its key rate unchanged
The Reserve Bank of Australia decided to keep its interest rate unchanged at a record low. However, the regulator said it would consider cutting it unless the unemployment rate falls...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-16
Alphabet’s earnings soar
According to the report of Alphabet A, its earnings in Q1 of 2019 topped expectations. However, another indicator, showing the revenue level, missed forecasts. During the reporting period, the company’s...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-15
Protracted Brexit affects UK’s investment
According to experts, uncertainty related to protracted process of UK’s withdrawal from the European Union affected the country’s economy causing a significant reduction in investments.In a note entitled “Brexit –...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-15
Russia makes progress in de-dollarization
For several years, there has been a tendency among some countries to abandon the US dollar in international settlements, that is, the so-called de-dollarization. The experts of FinExpertiza, an audit...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-15
US economy grows by 3.2% in Q1
According to analysts, the main drivers of the US economic growth in the first quarter of 2019 were a fall in the trade deficit and an accumulation of inventories which...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-15
US and other countries to make up for oil exports
US President Donald Trump claimed that he had teamed up with Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries to boost oil exports. However, the head of the White House...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-08
Erdogan blames US banks for weak lira
Theories that the fate of countries are decided by bankers, rather than governments, are becoming more evident. That’s what Turkish President Recep Erdogan thinks. He accused the American banks...
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