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Forex Analysis:::2019-06-19
June Fed meeting: preview
Today, the main issue of the last few months will be resolved: we will find out whether the US regulator intends to lower the interest rate or are rumors...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-18
EUR/USD: knockout from Draghi, control shot by ZEW
The decline in the EUR/USD pair to the area of the 11th figure is due only to problems of the single currency. Today, everything is against the euro - both...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-18
GBP / USD: sell the pair with corrective growth
The growth of the GBP/USD pair should be regarded as an opportunity to open short positions at a more favorable price. Any negative news on Brexit will return the pair...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-17
EUR/USD: weak reports from the United States and the escalation of the US-Iran conflict
The EUR/USD pair is under the influence of conflicting fundamental factors. On the one hand, the dollar is under pressure due to a sharp decline in secondary macroeconomic indicators...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-17
EUR / USD Review of the upcoming week: "Not a single Federal Reserve ..."
For this trading week, the central event of the trading week is the Fed meeting. Its results will determine the vector of movement of the dollar and, therefore, the EUR/USD...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-16
EUR/USD. Dollar rally: will there be a continuation of the feast?
Despite the dollar's swift growth, its further rally is in question, due to the vulnerability of the US currency. The revaluation of the dollar is somewhat premature, so traders should...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-14
Franc will buy
The growth of anti-risk sentiment in the foreign exchange market, as well as the passive position of the SNB, contributes to the growth of the Swiss currency. In turn, the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-13
EUR/USD. The three main problems of the euro: Italy, the ECB and Brexit
The euro paired with the dollar loses the positions it won in recent days. Buyers of eur/usd could not consolidate within the 13th figure, after which the pair headed towards...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-13
AUD / USD: Aussie declines due to labor market data and Hong Kong events
The growth of anti-risk sentiment and conflicting data on the Australian labor market put pressure on the Aussie. The AUD/USD pair has the potential to further reduce to the support...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-12
EUR/USD. US inflation disappointed, but today the market is occupied by Italy
The EUR/USD traders surprisingly immediately won back today's release, calmly embracing weak inflation data. Having sustained a blow, the eur/usd bears launched a counter-offensive, taking advantage of the weakness...
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