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Forex Analysis:::2019-06-18
GBP/USD. June 18th. Results of the day. Pound sterling does not need news to continue falling
The mess over the UK prime minister election will last another month. There is no optimistic news regarding the election for the pound...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-18
EUR/USD. June 18th. Results of the day. Inflation in the EU again disappointed, Mario Draghi admits rate cuts
The euro completed an upward correction, as soon as Mario Draghi's comments on EU monetary policy appeared, which he gave at the ECB forum in Portugal...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-17
GBP/USD. June 17. Results of the day. Boris Johnson misses debates on elections for the post of prime minister
Boris Johnson is considered the strongest candidate for prime minister, and his unpredictable behavior can serve him a great election service...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-17
EUR/USD. June 17. Results of the day. Reducing the key rate of the Fed in the near future could be a shock to the market
The euro has started a technical correction, which is unlikely to continue for a long time. The technical picture may change the Fed or personally Jerome Powell on Wednesday...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-13
GBP/USD. June 13th. Results of the day. Boris Johnson won the first round of the election of the leader of the Conservative Party
Boris Johnson expectedly won the first round, but this does not affect Brexit's prospects so far. The pound/dollar pair went into flat...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-13
EUR/USD. June 13th Results of the day. Industrial production in the euro area fell by 0.4%
Another disappointing macroeconomic report, but this time from the eurozone. The euro is losing its position, hard won in recent weeks...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-12
EUR/USD. 12 June. Results of the day. US inflation slows again
The US consumer price index in May was below forecasts. Mario Draghi fears a critical trade war with the United States...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-12
GBP/USD. 12 June. Results of the day. Britain will not have time to prepare for a hard Brexit before October 31
The pound rose slightly on the UK payroll report, but the bulls still do not dominate the foreign exchange market...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-12
GBP/USD analysis for June 12,.2019
Still steady upward movement and trading above the Ichimoku cloud on the 4H time-frame. Our advice is still to watch for buying opportunities on the pullbacks.The first target is set...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-10
EUR/USD. June 10th. Results of the day. The euro currency is prone to growth if it receives news from the US
If the negative fundamental background ceases to flow from the United States, the euro might collapse again...
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