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Analysis News:::2019-03-22
GBP / USD: Brexit will be extended until May 22?
In the evening, the leaders of the countries of the European Union agreed to postpone the release of the UK from the EU for several weeks...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
Why the dollar jumped
After the Fed meeting, traders stopped waiting for a rate hike this year, and the yield on 10-year US government bonds fell to 2.51%. Futures on US indices and European...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
GBP / USD: Bank of England passes the baton to the EU summit
The current week was eventful for the GBP/USD pair in the background of the Fed, the Bank of England, and the EU Brexit summit...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
Oil is likely to continue falling despite OPEC and sanctions
States seek to reduce oil exports from Iran by about 20 percent, to below 1 million barrels per day, demanding that importing countries reduce purchases in order to avoid...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
The dollar fell on the basis of the Fed meeting. Did the regulator back up?
The Fed seems to have given the markets even more than they could count on. Why did the American Central Bank decided to change its rhetoric so drastically...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
How will the dollar behave after the publication of the minutes of the Fed meeting
The only consolation for the dollar has been that in recent months, central banks around the world have changed their aggressive tone, since the economic growth has slowed down almost...
Analysis News:::2019-03-21
The Fed has no reason to awaken financial markets that are asleep
In anticipation of an important event for the financial markets, the G7 currency volatility fell, with the exception of the pound. However, in this case, stabilization should not be taken...
Analysis News:::2019-03-20
GBP/USD: Brussels might not give London a grace period for Brexit
The events around Brexit and the upcoming EU summit continue to be the main focus for traders of the pound...
Analysis News:::2019-03-20
Dollar pays no attention to the Fed's caution, American grows stronger!
The dollar returned to growth, which may continue. Investors choose safe currencies after reports of tensions in US-China trade negotiations but growth is hindered by the Fed's caution. Volatility...
Analysis News:::2019-03-20
Is it worth selling a dollar against the yen?
All attention for today will focus on the US Federal Reserve and more specifically to the long-awaited press conference of the head of the US central bank, Jerome Powell...
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