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Analysis News:::2019-05-20
The pound risks going below $1.27 in the coming days
The British pound opened the week with a downside and remains one of the main outsiders of the foreign exchange market. Last week, the GBP/USD pair's loss exceeded 250 points...
Analysis News:::2019-05-20
Euro: just ahead of the fall
The White House believes that you can sacrifice your ideas about the benefits of a weak dollar for the country's economy in favor of the revision of the terms...
Analysis News:::2019-05-20
Gold will benefit from the US and EU trade war - Morgan Stanley
Bank experts believe that the trade war between Washington and Brussels will lead to a reduction in the key interest rate in the US, from which the yellow precious metal...
Analysis News:::2019-05-20
How much more can the euro and the pound fall in price?
The focus of attention – the trade contradictions between the US and China, Brexit and elections to the European Parliament...
Analysis News:::2019-05-17
Who seeks to take the place of May?
Theresa May will sooner or later leave her Prime Minister's chair, and this is already perceived as a fact. The interest now is something else: when will this happen and...
Analysis News:::2019-05-17
In June, the dollar can update highs
It is expected that by the end of June, the USD index will rise to 100 points - the mark that the indicator last touched in April 2017...
Analysis News:::2019-05-16
The growth of China's gold reserves is breaking records
According to some analysts, Chinese authorities are showing a growing appetite for increasing the country's gold reserves. Last week, the central bank of China announced its purchase of a record...
Analysis News:::2019-05-16
USD/CAD: the loonie's potential to weaken remains
According to analysts, despite the local strengthening, the loonie still retains the potential for weakening...
Analysis News:::2019-05-16
May kicked out, what will happen to the pound?
Market participants have lost faith in the fact that the British prime minister will be able to cope with the heat of passion. "She has failed, and her authority has...
Analysis News:::2019-05-16
The euro was inspired by the fact that Trump can spare Europe and the pound is still hostage to Brexit
On the eve, the EUR / USD pair managed to recover and overcome the 1.12 mark . The main driver of growth for the pair were the reports that...
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