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Analysis News:::2019-11-08
A staggering throne: gold could not endure the trade compromise between US and China
For a long time, yellow metal was in the favorites of the market. The price of gold rose steadily as investors feared a recession in the global economy amid...
Analysis News:::2019-10-24
Necessary as air: gold is an indispensable attribute of any portfolio
The market has never questioned the importance of gold. The yellow metal is considered one of the key components of any trader's investment portfolio. However, the current year clearly indicated...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-30
Precious metals at risk of near-term top
Volatile conditions will inevitably continue given the complex array of political and economic risks. Longer-term risks still indicate further gains for precious metals. The dangers posed by extended long gold...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-28
Makes sense to buy precious metals on dips
Persistent attacks on the Federal Reserve and dollar by President Trump will continue to support demand for precious metals with strong support on dips. Euro vulnerability caps its gains...
Forex Analysis:::2019-08-14
Silver recovers from position squeeze, buy on dips
Silver dropped sharply on Tuesday as a surge in equities triggered long liquidation. There will still be strong demand for silver given underlying demand for safe haven assets while silver's...
Analysis News:::2019-08-02
Silver in trend: White metal may be "on horseback"
According to analysts, silver quotes show a tendency to increase at the moment. Like gold, white metal gradually becomes more expensive but experts find it difficult to answer how long...
Analysis News:::2019-07-31
Is silver catching on gold?
According to analysts, silver tends to catch up with gold in terms of price at the moment. However, these attempts are not always successful. Both metals are actively growing...
Forex Analysis:::2019-07-26
Silver analysis for 07.26.2019 - New up move is on the way
Watch for buying opportunities due to breakout of the important resistance at $16.46 and short-term upward trend...
Analysis News:::2019-07-19
Silver storms tops
The attention of leading investors for a long time was riveted on gold but at the moment, it has switched to silver. The white metal is experiencing an unprecedented rally...
Analysis News:::2019-05-08
Went to growth: the global market for gold and precious metals shows a rise
Last week, precious metals in the markets fell due to the decision of the US Federal Reserve to keep interest rates at the same level. However, in connection with statements...
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