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Forex Analysis:::2019-06-19
Gold votes for Fed independence
Further dynamics of XAU/USD will depend on whether the Central Bank is in the lead of Donald Trump or not...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-11
Brent: Bears overshot
De-escalation of trade conflicts and the willingness of the Fed to lower rates can help the oil "bulls"...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-05
Gold threw a red rag to the bulls
The precious metal is going to continue to rally towards at least $1350-1355 ounce...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-04
Brent dives into the depths
Since the end of April, oil has lost a fifth of its value. Oil moves in tandem with US stocks and yields on US Treasury bonds...
Forex Analysis:::2019-06-03
Yen got dope from the White House
Donald Trump's protectionism inspires USD/JPY bears to attack...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-24
The dollar is punished for overconfidence
Escalation of the US-Chinese trade conflict no longer provides US currency with previous support...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-22
The dollar has cut gold wings
The rally of the USD and S&P 500 indices contributed to the fall of the precious metal to the lower boundary of the consolidation range of $1265-1310 per ounce...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
The dollar has a risk appetite
The US currency follows US stock indices. "Bears" on USD/JPY felt more confident than "bulls" on EUR/USD...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-15
The dollar does not allow gold to shine
If it were not for the US currency's stability, the precious metal would be quoted at $1320-1330 per ounce...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-14
Oil tankers to the bottom
The attack on tankers in the Persian Gulf cooled for a while the fervor of the "bears" on Brent and WTI...
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