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Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Weekly EURUSD technical analysis
EURUSD is ending the week below 1.1170. Despite reaching 1.1260 resistance area price could not break out and above the long-term bearish channel. The rejection was a bearish sign and...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
May 17, 2019 : EUR/USD Intraday technical analysis and trade recommendations.
Recently, the EURUSD pair has been maintained above the depicted key-zone (1.1175) since May However, a bearish breakout below 1.1175 was achieved Today. This enhances further bearish decline towards...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
EUR/USD: Chinese trick, Italian populism, and British failure
The currency market is dominated by anti-risk sentiment. The news background is getting darker every day, putting pressure on the Euro and other high-yield currencies. The fundamental background of the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
EUR/USD. May 17. Results of the day. Inflation in the eurozone is not interested in foreign exchange market participants
The week ends with a moderate decline of the euro against the US dollar. Next week, the fall is likely to continue...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
The dollar has a risk appetite
The US currency follows US stock indices. "Bears" on USD/JPY felt more confident than "bulls" on EUR/USD...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs on May 17
Hello, dear colleagues. For the pair Euro/Dollar, the continuation of the main downward trend is expected after the breakdown of 1.144. For the pair Pound/Dollar, the continuation of the downward...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Trading Plan for EUR / USD pair on 05/17/2019
It is a good Friday. In Britain, PM May seems to resign in June - finally realizing that her efforts to force Britain out of the EU cannot overcome the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Markets are trying to believe in the strength of the American economy: we expect a continuation of the decline in EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs
Trading on Thursday ended on the foreign exchange market with the strengthening of the US dollar, which was facilitated by the publication of strong data on the American economy...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
A review of EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs on 05/17/2019: A little bit of good
The dollar has been doing well in recent days, which is both because of good American statistics and because of the thrice cursed Brexit, but everything ends sooner or later...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Simplified wave analysis and forecast for EUR/USD and AUD/USD on May 17
At the next trading sessions, a flat "sideways" in a narrow price corridor is expected on the euro chart. Purchases are possible on the smallest TF lot. Sales of the...
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