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Forex Analysis:::2019-03-25
Wave analysis of GBP / USD for March 25. The pound remains in instability due to the lack of specifics on Brexit
On March 22, the GBP / USD pair rose by 90 bps. Thus, if the upward trend is completed near the 100.0% Fibonacci level, then the pair has started...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-25
GBP/USD: plan for the European session on March 25. Great Britain has two terms, April 12 or May 22
GBP/USD: plan for the European session on March 25. Great Britain has two terms, April 12 or May...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-25
Brexit: "conspiracy" against May and options for the development of events
Over the weekend, the news flow regarding the possible prospects of Brexit went off-scale. The media was full of loud headlines that surprised by its diversity. There is a "conspiracy"...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-25
Technical analysis of GBP/USD for 25/03/2019
The bounce towards the middle of the range was made, what's next...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-25
GBP / USD. March 25. Trading system "Regression Channels". Teresa May can resign today
The GBP / USD currency pair has adjusted to a moving average line, which enables the strengthening of the British pound sterling...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-25
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs on March 25
Hello, dear colleagues. For the Euro / Dollar pair, we are following the downward structure from March 20, the continuation of the downward movement is expected after the price passes...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-22
Fractal analysis of major currency pairs on March 22
For the EUR/USD pair, we are following the descending structure from March 20. The downward movement to the bottom is expected to continue after the breakdown of 1.1265. For the...
Analysis News:::2019-03-22
How long will the dollar decline last? What drives the sterling?
If Theresa May wins the parliamentary vote, she will have another two months until May 22. The sterling rose a quarter percent to $ 1.3140. This has already become...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-22
Brexit situation is even worse than it was. The US data supports the dollar
The British pound collapsed against the US dollar after it became known that the Brexit deal could be disrupted. Let me remind you that quite recently, British Prime Minister May...
Forex Analysis:::2019-03-22
GBP / USD. March 22 Trading system "Regression Channels". A Third vote in parliament for the same "deal"
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