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Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
EUR/USD: Chinese trick, Italian populism, and British failure
The currency market is dominated by anti-risk sentiment. The news background is getting darker every day, putting pressure on the Euro and other high-yield currencies. The fundamental background of the...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Weekly Gold analysis
Gold price started this week on a strong foot breaking above $1,290 and reaching $1,302. However this strength was short-lived and it now looks more like a fake break out...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
The dollar has a risk appetite
The US currency follows US stock indices. "Bears" on USD/JPY felt more confident than "bulls" on EUR/USD...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Weekly EURUSD technical analysis
EURUSD is ending the week below 1.1170. Despite reaching 1.1260 resistance area price could not break out and above the long-term bearish channel. The rejection was a bearish sign and...
Analysis News:::2019-05-17
Who seeks to take the place of May?
Theresa May will sooner or later leave her Prime Minister's chair, and this is already perceived as a fact. The interest now is something else: when will this happen and...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Analysis of Gold for May 17, 2019
Broken upward trendline in the background. Watch for selling opportunities. The downward target is set at the price of $1.266...
Analysis News:::2019-05-17
In June, the dollar can update highs
It is expected that by the end of June, the USD index will rise to 100 points - the mark that the indicator last touched in April 2017...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Bitcoin analysis for May 17, 2019
Bearish flag in creation. Watch for potential selling opportunities. The first downward target is set at the price of $6.836...
Forex Humor:::2019-05-17
Morgan Stanley: aftermath of US-China trade conflict
According to Morgan Stanley's chief US strategist and chief investment officer Mike Wilson, the standoff between the United States and China may trap the whole world in an economic conflict...
Forex Analysis:::2019-05-17
Technical analysis of NZD/USD for May 17, 2019
The NZD/USD pair is showing signs of weakness following a breakout of the lowest level of 0.6571. On the H1 chart, the level of 0.6571 coincides with 38.2% of Fibonacci...
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